Linda Q

I would highly recommend Inscore Law Offices, LLC to anyone! We presented Michael with a very difficult case. Our case took over a year from start to finish. His extensive knowledge of the law is outstanding. He was especially prompt with returning our phone calls and e-mails. We appreciate how much time and effort he put into preparing our case for trial. This case went to a jury trial and the outcome was favorable.


fred C.

Mr. Inscore and his paralegel, Patti Wires, were so good to me and my family throughout one of our darkest hours.

Following a family tragedy, I initially sought Mr. Inscore's services to look into a wrongful death/negligence suit. His even keeled temperament and demeanor were very helpful as he navigated our still emotionally wounded family through the process. Mr. Inscore did exactly as a good lawyer should do - he briefed our family on the process, worked with the hospital and others to gather the facts, and presented the facts of the case to us in a clear and concise manner. In our emotional state, he could have chosen to take advantage of us and pushed us in a certain direction for his benefit, but he did not try to pressure us or influence us in the least. He merely gathered and presented the facts as they were, and allowed us to ultimately make the decision.

In the end, my family chose not to file a suit, but I was so impressed and felt so comfortable with him and Patti that I decided to hire them on to handle my father's estate.

Living out of state, they worked hand in hand with my Grandmother, who served as the estate's executor. They treated her with the utmost respect, and helped to lessen the burden of what could have been a very difficult process. They fought for me and my family every step of the way - and I won't soon forget that.

If you're looking for a straightforward lawyer that will look out for your best interests, Mr. Inscore and his team are who to hire in North Central Ohio. Despite the unfortunate situation, they made the process as pleasant and painless as possible and I give them my highest regards.

Fred C.


Stephanie S

Great place, I would recommend him to anyone!


Michael Inscore made sure I was informed of my situation and always gave me options to choose from. In reviewing my case, Michael made himself available 24 hours a day via e-mail, text, cellphone, and office phone; and always ready to answer my questions and making sure I knew what was happening with my case. Michael and I were involved with case for over a year and I always felt I was a high priority to succeed in getting the outcome I wanted. A true Professional you can count on.


Mr. Inscore went over and above what I thought was required. He was professional, patience and kind all the way through our case.


This case was over 1 year from start to finish. Michael is exceptional as a person and even better as a lawyer. His knowledge of the law is outstanding, Which is very good when putting a case together. Pleading your case can and will be emotionally and psychologically draining. His experience is definately outstanding. This was a civil jury trial and the outcome was very favorable.


During our wrongful death suit Michael was extremely sensitive to the emotional pain we were experiencing. He took time to explain every step of the process to us thoroughly so we knew exactly what to expect. He is very knowledgable and has the ability to explain legal terms and procedures in a way that makes them easy to understand. I completely trusted Michael during the entire litigation process and highly recommend him if you need legal counsel.

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