For 36 years, Michael Inscore has been going to bat for individuals and families who have fallen victim to injuries or death as a result of wrongful conduct of others. Claims may arise from a variety of events including automobile accidents, boating accidents, trucking accidents, dog bites and workplace injuries.

Unfortunately, serious injuries, bodily harm and wrongful death are all too common consequences of daily activities and human interaction. Persons or companies who cause injuries and bodily harm generally have a legal obligation to compensate their victims for losses suffered. We are here to help you enforce your legal right to fair compensation.

Responsibility for injuries and harms to another sometimes arises due to intentional infliction of injury. More common, however, are injuries resulting from negligence, which is the failure to exercise ordinary care under the circumstances.

Sometimes, injuries are not preventable despite the exercise of reasonable care by those involved. But, far more often, injuries and harm result from careless actions and inactions.