Lawsuits and jury trials entail risk. Settlements of claims avoid the risk. Numerous factors, some of which are beyond the control of counsel, impact the financial amount recoverable in lawsuits.

Fault (liability) of the adverse party or comparative (partial) fault of the claimant are sometimes in question.

Damages "caps" are limits imposed by the state legislature on the compensation that may be recovered in some types of cases for non-economic losses (such as physical pain, loss of mobility and emotional harm). In addition, a wrongdoer's limited personal assets or low limits of liability insurance will restrict the amount of compensation available to an injured person.

The following are among the results achieved by Attorney Inscore and his office on behalf of clients:

$1,800,000 for a woman who suffered kidney damage due to negligent over-prescription of a medication

$3,000,000 for an individual who suffered a spinal injury due to medical negligence.

$300,000 for a teenager involved in an automobile crash whose injuries included hand fractures and two fractured teeth

$6,250,000 for an individual who suffered intestinal damage due to medical negligence

$240,000 for a woman who suffered urinary tract injury requiring surgical repair after a failed attempt to remove a kidney stone

$1,525,000 verdict for a woman who suffered muscle and other tissue damage to her arm due to negligence of a medical provider in failing to timely address a "compartment syndrome" caused by an IV

$575,000 for a man who suffered a closed head injury in a fall at a work site

$1,000,000 for injury arising from undiagnosed complications of a brain surgery

$250,000 for a woman's separate claim for damage to her relationship with her husband due to his motor vehicle accident-related injuries

$486,000 after a jury verdict for an elderly man and his wife where a fall during his hospital admission resulted in a broken hip

$325,000 on a "dram shop" claim involving service of alcohol to an intoxicated patron

After litigation, a settlement obligating a health insurance company to pay benefits for all cancer treatment it had previously refused to cover.

$700,000 confidential recovery for an individual who suffered nerve damage due to delayed diagnosis of a surgical emergency

Judgment requiring health insurance company to pay for a medical procedure it had previously claimed was "experimental" and therefore not covered

$300,000 in settlements against two insurance companies for adult woman who suffered a heel fracture and related injuries in an automobile collision

$1,000,000 million for an individual who suffered nerve injury due to delayed surgery

$2,250,000 in confidential settlements with a physician and hospital for injuries to a child

$150,000 recovery for an employer against a financial institution that honored fraudulent stolen checks

$300,000 recovery of life insurance benefits from insurer that had previously denied the claim

$1,012,000 in multiple confidential recoveries, including a "bad faith" penalty, against an auto insurance company that wrongfully withheld policy coverage information

$700,000 confidential recovery against a hospital and physician who failed to timely recognize a post-surgical hemorrhage

$275,000 confidential recovery from a nursing home that failed to prevent a bedsore (pressure ulcer) on the resident's foot

$295,000 for a woman who suffered an ankle/foot injury while using material-handling equipment on the job

Confidential settlement after a verdict against two physicians for failure to timely diagnose a woman's lung cancer

Every case is different and past results do not guarantee a good outcome in any one case.

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